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Because every woman deserves to express her individuality

The Hawk boot is made by hand with the utmost attention to detail. Each pair is completely unique. There is no other pair like it in the world! As such, selections will vary, so if you see something you like, grab it quick as there will never be another one the same!

The Grandt Mason Originals atelier, based in the heart of Cape Town, South Africa is home to a small crew of professionals. A family run business with a team of 5 people manufacturing between 80 and 200 pairs of shoes a month. Meticulous attention is paid to each operation while employees are encouraged to take their time and strive for perfection producing high quality ladies footwear. The flagship product is the Hawk boot. Each Hawk boot takes 10 hours to create - every aspect of every womens boot is considered from the various fabrics and bindings down to the thread color of the insole stitching.

Grandt Mason Originals are renowned for quality and comfort. Each and every foot is unique and therefore the Hawk boot has integrated an adjustable calf and lace ups into the boot design in order to achieve the perfect fit, making this footwear ideal for online sales.

Grandt Mason Originals are at the forefront of the vegan footwear revolution and utilise environmentally friendly products, adhesives, etc., wherever possible in their production - soles are made of sheet rubber and remnants of high-end upholstery fabrics are recycled from South Africa's leading luxury upholstery distributors, which are then purchased and turned into designer footwear.

These unique ladies boots have been described as 'works of art' and 'sculptures' on occasion. But they don't just look pretty they are a durable and comfortable women's boot.

Grandt Mason Originals are made with love and care. The relationship between woman and shoes is understood - that there are woman out there who have identified themselves as individuals and seek this same quality in their wardrobe.


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