Earth, Wind and Style

Earth Wind & Style

Because every woman deserves to express her individuality

About Earth, Wind & Style Products


There's something special about finding an unusual product in a world full of mass production, especially one of quality.  

Discovering both the Grandt Mason Hawk boots and the FSP African Gameskin bags while living in South Africa allowed me to begin a business for myself that will offer products I can be proud to sell - products created by passionate people who are committed to sustainable practices as well as building lasting relationships with their customers.  These are the attributes I hope to share with my clients when they discover these gorgeous and unique women's boots and ladies handbags.  

The exclusivity of these products makes them that much more exciting.  Knowing that you will be wearing a pair of  ladies boots that will never be seen on any other woman is exceptional.  Similarly, the hides used to create our line of womens handbags are each distinctive - like fingerprints, they look alike, but are very different from each other at close inspection.  

I hope you'll enjoy these products as much as I do.   Wear them with pride.  Declare your personal style!

Nicole Shea 

P.S.  Though still overseas, Earth, Wind & Style ships from Canada.